Veracity Coldstore Review

My company has utilized Veracity Coldstores for about 4 years at a large public event space exclusively for archiving security camera footage for around 300 cameras.  These storage devices are specialized, less expensive than standard enterprise storage and extremely durable.  Part of their design allows them to shut down hard drives that are not in use, greatly extending their lifetimes.  We actually haven’t had a single drive fail in my tenure.

Our first products in 2012 were the dark blue Arcus 4U models.  We loaded them up with 15 Purple WD 4TB drives that are made specifically for surveillance per Veracity’s recommendation.  Using a centralized security camera management software (Genetec Security Desk) we use a local Windows drive for dumping the video footage temporarily.  Veracity’s Video Mover app continuously scans the drive and picks up files to move over to its own storage.  At about 50 cameras per Windows server, with 6 servers sharing 3 Coldstores on 4gb fibre it keeps up with the load just fine.  Our cameras are on continuous record so there’s never any downtime.

We’ve also used them in conjunction with Avigilon camera software, but only as an extended archive.  Avigilon uses local storage as a best practice, and when we tried backing up footage from an Avigilon VM to any other drive, we lose most of the advanced browsing/zooming functionality so our security department asked for it to be kept locally.  We ended up doing backups of footage older than 30 days to the Coldstores with Video Mover and it works great in that capacity.

We are currently setting up a new facility of a similar size with their new Coldstore 3U devices and 6TB purple drives.  They look sharp with a brushed aluminum finish and smaller size.  We received service above and beyond the line of duty from Veracity as we needed to get the cameras going before the datacenter was completed.  Their installers were required to undergo security training and work in dusty and dangerous conditions but still managed to get our Coldstores racked and stacked ahead of schedule.  Great company to work with and their product works so well you never have to think about it.





Author: Crystal Marks

Crystal Marks is an Enterprise Systems Manager in DFW. She holds VCP6-DCV and MCSA certifications and regularly attends tech conferences in the United States. In 15 years as a woman in IT she has worked to break down barriers and enabled women to enter technical fields through mentoring, volunteering IT skills to non-profits, speaking at conferences, networking with Fortune 500 companies, leading women’s groups, and continuing her passion for learning and teaching. Companies that she has worked for include Dell, Abn Amro, Stream International, Transplace, and Heartland Payment Systems. Her current position is at an entertainment powerhouse that is family-operated and sets the bar for giving back, volunteering, and engaging their fans and community. Look for Crystal on your agenda at VeeamOn, VMWorld, Microsoft Ignite, and HP Discover meetings throughout the year. Crystal is a graduate of The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) at the University of North Texas. TAMS is a unique residential program for high school-aged Texas students who are high achievers in mathematics and science. She continued her education at the University of North Texas while working as an Astronomy teacher before jumping into her IT career.

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