Outlook Mass Attachment Removal

Have you ever come across an Exchange mailbox that was so large it was busting at the seams of your database drive and was found to be jam packed with large attachments?  You could go through each email and remove the attachments one by one, or you could download Nirsoft’s free OutlookAttachView:


This came in very handy to me when a sales user at our company had sent out a 23MB file hundreds of times, when it really could have been a 500k graphic if it was properly sized.  This tool worked like a charm to rip them out of the mailbox leaving each email intact.

When you open it you’ll choose your settings for the Mailbox Scan and I found that only “Use the default Outlook profile” worked, so I just set the mailbox I was working on as the default profile in Windows/Control Panel/Mail/Profiles.